2,381 Sq. Ft. Modern Design

2,381 Sq. Ft. Modern Design

Here is a modern home I designed in 2008.
This house has clean lines, modern finishes and small simple touches that make it really special.

One of my design styles is to use rhythm and repetition to make the design flow similar to how rhythm and repetition are used in music. I accomplish this by repeating odd shapes and features in a rhythmic way.

This house has all the modern elements like a mixture of stone, stucco, metal siding, and exposed steel beams, but yet the inside the home is cozy and comfortable like a traditional home.

As you enter the house form the covered breezeway between the house and the detached garage, there are lockers to drop off any daily items, an office to your left, and then immediate access to the kitchen for bringing in the groceries.

Floor Plan (click to enlarge)