Testimonials about John Allen Design


My wife and I engaged John to design our dream home – and the results exceeded both of our expectations! John collaborated closely with us to design something that was stylish yet functional. He incorporated many of our ideas in ways that flowed naturally through the house. All that, and he helped us make decisions that kept us within budget on our project! We simply could not have done it without him!
Billy and Michele Murphy, Pictures

“I have worked with John Allen, of John Allen Design, for over seven years. John has designed two of my personal homes and several spec and custom home designs for me and our clients. I have found John to be very professional and easy to work with. John is very committed to his work, provides a quality product, develops a keen understanding of client requirements, offers great design suggestions and alternative ideas, at a reasonable cost to his customers. “
Bob White, Pictures

We have done four projects with John and have recommended him to numerous friends.  Needless to say, each project has exceeded our expectations.  His ability  to turn our dream house into reality combined with his competitive pricing is a combination that is difficult to replicate. We proactively told John that we would be a reference for him.
Scott and Joslen Koester

“John has great vision, foresight, and patience. More importantly he has the ability to translate all of that into his plans seamlessly. John is excellent at his trade and brought so much to the projects we worked on together.  I look forward to working with John  again very soon.”
Preston Graham, Fig & Company Builders

When we began the reconditioning of our house in Hyde Park  the previous Contractor had torn down the garage. While this may not be a big deal in most neighborhoods, here it has caused multiple issues with the remodel. John has been the most patient and understanding of professionals to undertake our meager project. John’s plans were quickly approved by both the City Planning Commission and the Historical Society. John’s work turned out so nice that the Contractor had a professional photographer take photos for inclusion in his advertising material. I believe this has to be the first time I have ever heard of a Garage being photographed by a professional. We were all so pleased with John’s work and professionalism.
Bob and Virginia Duke

John Allen was a wonderful designer to work with on our first home. He had the attention to detail and creativity that we were lacking due to our inexperience with building. He was able to incorporate our ideas and visions into a comfortable, contemporary, custom home that we will enjoy living in for years to come. John was also able to work in an addition to the home that we knew we could not finish out right away, but would be easy to complete when the time was right. We felt John to be very professional, experienced and passionate about his work. He completed the job in a timely manner for a reasonable fee. We plan to use John Allen Design on our next home building project!
Charlie and Sarah Ragsdale, Pictures

“John, The house is really taking shape (windows, doors etc, framing complete).  Feel free to drop by and see it if your interested.  We LOVE it, thanks for all your work!

“John did a fantastic job of taking us step by step through the whole design process. He was able to take our needs and ideas, and improve on them and mold them, to create the home of our dreams.”
David and Deanna Wahlgren, Pictures

John, we are in the house. And we just love it! Your design turned out just great, I want you to see it. We’ll have a party for the design/build team as soon as the landscaping goes in (a couple of weeks). I’ll keep you posted. This turned out to be so fun that we are thinking of building in Llano. We will need to have plans drawn up. What we want there is a “farm house” with a modern twist. Square footprint with wrap around porch, open floor plan, one bedroom/bath upstairs, 2 small bedrooms/bath downstairs. Anyway, I have lots of pictures and the basic ideas. Is this something that you would like to work on? Hope all is well with you and your family. MH

John has been a tremendous help to us on our projects by providing a quick turn around on the design documents and drafting needed to meet our deadlines.
Tony Proctor-Principal, LML Group, LLC

“John helped us design the home of our dreams. We basically drew what we wanted on a dinner napkin and he took it from there. He gave us great advise and input on making our home even better. We will be using John for sure again when we build our next!”
Denny and Page McDaniel

We hired John to design our dream home on somewhat of an awkward site. We came to John with unformed ideas and he was able to guide us. His ability to think large made our project fall into place. We are very pleased with everything. He was kind, professional, thorough and prompt.
Terry Card and Karen Christensen

John, I suggest that you come by a take a few pictures.  Since I’ve built a lot of the house myself, it still isn’t completely finished, but most of it is photographable and maybe even photogenic.  Sue and I are delighted with how the design turned out (especially the screened-in porch and kitchen/dining/living area) and I would think you might want to include some pictures in a portfolio or even on your website.
I haven’t suggested this before now, because it has taken a long time to get to where I am with it now.  I’m currently working on the front door, and the built-in cabinets are next.  Truly a work in progress.”
Ken Klein

Working with John Allen saved us enough money to have paid him several times over. We began our custom house design by picking features from floor plans we liked and assembling them into a rough sketch. John took that sketch and fleshed it out – providing several crucial recommendations that enabled us to afford a custom house. While his recommendations were financially appeasing, they also contributed to the pleasantness and livability of the house. “
Elliott and Julie Marchand

Hey John,
I got the latest designs and I wanted to really “live” in them before I told you that I absolutely LOVE this House!!! You incorporated everything that I wanted and made it even better! This house is truly amazing and placed on that lot just makes it THE perfect place to live! I love the placement on everything in the home it really flows well! Thank you for this!!! Now im crossing my fingers that Steve and Greg get me a price that is doable on building it! Thanks for your creativity and hard work on this, its gonna be something we can all be proud of!