Remodel to Improve Traffic Flow

Home Remodel to Improve Traffic Flow

This was a small remodel in Westlake Hills where I improved the way you moved through the house.


  • Improve Traffic Flow
  • Update Front Entry
  • Revise Access to Backyard

The remodel on this split level house began because the clients were unhappy with the stairs that went from the main floor down to the family room and from the main floor up to the bedroom wing. The existing steps were steep and treacherous (and did not meet code). While the remodel may have started with the need to improve the stairs, it did not stop with just the steps: we updated the house by adding an impressive new door to the entry, I designed a new pool bath and utility room, improved the exterior entrance, and made small updates throughout the house. I drastically changed the design of the “flow” by separating the stairs. Not only was this a neat artistic touch, but it allowed me the room I needed to expand the steps so that they were not so steep and it improved access to the backyard.

Before (click to enlarge)
After (click to enlarge)